My Stolen Money

It enters quietly in our homes, It does not need to search,

To ransack, to break doors and windows down

We are the ones who deliver it. We have no other options

It doesn’t get dirty hands nor even a guilty conscience.


I worked so hard all summer long. I didn’t spend a cent

I didn’t use the car, I didn’t buy a thing

a little treasure I saved and I was trying to keep

but I always have that feeling, someone could take it away from me


The state steals my money. My money, my money

The state steals my money. My money, Fuck off


The most beautiful dress should have been my gift

Just to see you even more stunning and a bit proud of me.

But suddenly this morning without making any sound

the state took my money, and I never felt so down


On a sunny autumn morning I lost my nest-egg.

I have withdrawn it myself from the hiding that

I carefully sought and I handed it to those thieves.

But at least real thieves have some courage and some skills,


The state commit the same crime sitting there at ease,

scribbling senseless motivations, penalties and fees,

denying us the means to survive and keep on dreaming

of a heartfelt gift or what could make a life worth living